🕐Market Maturity

So you've found a market and purchased your position. You've made it through positioning and you've followed along with the results in real-time. And... you won! Congrats! So now What?

Maturity Phase

The final stage in a market is the maturity phase. Before traders can claim their winnings, markets must be resolved to reach maturity. Resolving a market can be done by anyone, including the market creator.

Once the event is complete and the market question has been definitively answered, users can navigate to the market and select the outcome. They must pay the bond as part of the resolution transaction.

Resolving a Market

  • Users can submit a request to resolve a market with a certain outcome and a 100 sUSD bond. The market creator can also request to resolve without being required to put up a bond.

  • Once a market is resolved there will be a 24 hour period to dispute the result. This will require a 100 sUSD bond plus a valid reason. The Oracle Council will review, with the following results possible:

    • Accept the dispute and set a result- The resolver fee goes to the safebox.

    • Accept the dispute and reset the market result- The resolver fee and bond (minus 10 sUSD to the safebox) go to the disputer.

    • Refuse the dispute- The bond goes to the safebox.

  • Market resolution is subject to the same 24 hour time lock, giving the Protocol DAO or Thales Council time to react.

  • 24 hours after the market is formally resolved, winners can claim their winnings. If there are no winners, everyone can claim their initial bid minus fees.

  • Oracle Council Emergency Pause- Each Oracle Council member can pause a market if they feel necessary, with the Protocol DAO required to resume the market.

  • Oracle Council Backstop- In the event that the Protocol DAO or Thales Council feel that the Oracle Council have acted in bad faith, the Protocol DAO can pause a single market (or all markets) and act to replace the Oracle Council. 500k sUSD is set aside as an insurance fund.

Remember to check in on markets that are pending resolution so you can be the one to resolve them and collect the fees.

Claiming fees for Market Creators and Resolvers

As long as the resolved market is not disputed and cancelled, the resolvers will receive 1% of each bid. This fee can be claimed with a transaction that includes the return of the bond put up by the resolver.

Claiming your winnings

And now for the best part: collecting your winnings! Once a market has been resolved and 24 hours have passed since resolution with a dispute, traders can return to the market and claim their winnings. With a simple transaction, the ROI for your position is sent to your wallet in the form of sUSD.

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