What is an exotic market? An exotic market is a positional market created around an open ended market question. Anyone can create a market (see Market Creation Guidelines for details) and anyone can participate in a market. Thanks to the security and decentralization of the Ethereum blockchain, your participation in Exotic Market's can not be restricted.

What are some examples of an exotic market? An exotic market can be created around any market question and categorized by a number of tags, including the following: Sports, Political-Elections, Crypto, E-Sports, Pop-culture, Macro-Economics, Finance and Web3, with more on the way.

An example market question could be "Who will become the Governor of Illinois on November 2nd 2022?", with positions such as "JB Pritzker", "Richard Irvin" and "Another Candidate".

What can and can't be created as a market? See Market Creation Guidelines

How are markets reviewed? Anyone can review a market and if they feel the market is not legitimate they can dispute it. The Oracle Council is responsible for accepting or denying a dispute. See Disputing a Market for the process to dispute a market.

How is Exotic Markets governed? While Exotic Markets is a separate entity from the Thales protocol, it does utilize Thales' smart contracts and is governed by the Thales DAO, the Thales Council and the Oracle Council. See the Governance Page for more info.

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