⚖️Disputing a Market

Disputing a Market during Positioning

One of the most unique aspects of Exotic Markets is the built-in review process. Anyone can dispute a market if they feel the parameters don't meet the market guidelines. A user submits the reason for the dispute and the required bond and if their dispute is deemed legitimate they will receive their bond as well as a part of the market creator's bond.

The Oracle Council (details in TIP-35) is tasked with managing disputes for markets still in the positioning phase. An open dispute under review by the Oracle Council doesn't affect users ability to select a position.

The following guidelines apply to disputes:

  • The wallet raising a dispute must put up 100 sUSD as bond and enter the reason for the dispute.

  • Disputes must contain a valid reason such as not following guidelines or if a market has become obsolete (e.g. If a is game postponed).

  • Once the Oracle Council resolves as dispute they have 3 options to proceed:

    • Accept the dispute and slash the creator- Everyone can claim a refund and the creator's bond goes to the disputer (minus 10 sUSD to safebox).

    • Accept the dispute but do not slash the creator- Everyone can claim a refund and the disputer gets an sUSD reward, with the amount decided on by the Oracle Council (up to 100 sUSD).

    • Refuse the dispute and slash the wallet that raised it- The disputer's bond goes to the safebox.

  • Once a dispute is accepted all other disputes that follow are canceled and bonds can be reclaimed. There will be a 4 hour window after a dispute is accepted for the Protocol DAO or the Thales Council to step in and pause a market if there are any doubts about the Oracle Council's decision. After 4 hours users can claim refunds.

Disputing a Resolved Market

Once a market is resolved, there is a period of 24 hours before the resolution is official. During this time, anyone can dispute the resolution. This ensures accurate results for markets. Disputers will have to submit the same 100 sUSD bond and are subject to the same parameters in place for disputing a market itself.

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